«Accord-S» company


Accord-S Company began its activity in 1987 and was called "Plastic".

In 1993, almost 6 years after, it was decided to start the production of window profiles made of PVC profiles. At the same time, equipment was purchased for the processing of PVC profile "Actuality" (Austria), with design capacity of 50,000 m2 / year. But this was just the beginning.

In 1994, the production of plastic panels and auxiliary profiles for them was started, using equipment AMUT (Italy).

Two years later, in 1996, two new processing were launched: the extrusion of profiles of the window system "Rivneplast" ( equipment "Actual", Austria) and the production of double-glazed windows (equipment LISEC (Austria) with a design capacity of 100000 m2 / year) .

In 2000 the reorganization and expansion of activity began. The "Plastic-C" enterprise was created and the production  the profile system "Accord" and PVC drainage was launched. Also, PVC window manufacturing of the "Accord" system began.

In 2003, reorganization of the company, continued flut resulted in  the creation of the enterprise "Accord-S" .

2004 is update of the profile system "Accord". Production of PVC windows from systems "Accord" .

2006 is the beginning of processing of profile systems "Thyssen Favorit", "Efplast".

2008 is the definitive transition to profile systems of the Eurofasad group of companies.

2009-2010 - Complete modernization of the main production complex. The commissioning of modern automated lines processing of PVC profile (URBAN, Sturtz, Haffner), and logistic systems of the production process.

2011 is the development and introduction of software for paperless production of window constructions. Introduction into the technological process of specialized equipment for conveyor production of non-standard constructions (arches, trapezoids, triangles, circles, etc.)

2012 - Construction of a new shop for the production of glazing  for windows. Launching the line for automated loading and cutting of float glass Jumbo-size 3210mm * 6000mm produced by Lisec (Austria). Launch of the automated line Lisec (Austria) for the manufacture of glassing for window  with the use of inert gases. Launch of an automatic line for causing layer  the primary sealing and launch of a robot the secondary sealing.

2014 is the opening of an information and training center, the main purpose of which is to increase the skills of sales managers, masters on measurements and installation, and also the dealers of Accord-S LLC.